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    Tito Oye

      I have received another letter from the UK government saying that I should resume shielding as the case of people with coronavirus has risen again. This period of time feels so frustrating but it is what I have to do to minimise my chances of getting infected.

      Are you currently shielding?


      Tito, I have been shielding for almost a year now. I go to the grocery store doubled masked and only during senior hour. I walk the other direction if someone sneezes or coughs, don’t walk down busy aisles or do self-checkout if it is busy.I follow all of the protocols that have been recommended. I use hand sanitizer before I enter my vehicle. I still wipe down my purchases with Clorox wipes.I wash my hands immediately when I arrive home, 20 seconds.

      Regarding the vaccine, I believe, comorbidity must be considered when SCD individuals are deciding whether to take the vaccine or not. I believe, in a medical setting, is a must for me (rather than drive-thru or drug store). Since I am 67y, and SCD is progressive, I do not need to take risks lightly.

      Favorable habits for individuals with SCD maybe more acceptable for me due to age. IDK. I like drinking water; I dress warmer (over dress) in the colder temperatures; I eat healthier foods but I love sweets!

      Remember we are individuals first who have SCD and go from there. God Bless!

      Tito Oye

        @enorris It’s crazy to think that so much time has passed and we’re still having to shield.

        Thank you for your response, I agree wholeheartedly!

        God bless you too!


        @tito-oye, I had the vaccine on February 14. Whew! So I wanted to share since I did not follow my own advice, LOL. I went to Walmart since the vaccine was there prior to my scheduled date in March. It was Moderna. I did not have any side effects or symptoms. My arm felt like I got a shot, no different from a Flu shot. I felt so relieved to get the first dose. I pray each of you can get the vaccine ASAP. But remember to ‘shield’!

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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