What Chadwick Boseman Taught Me About Perseverance

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Death always is a sobering thing to process. Hearing about someone’s untimely passing — whether the person was close to us or not — reminds us of life’s fickle nature. 

We recently heard the sad news of actor Chadwick Boseman’s passing at the age of 43. Boseman died last week after being diagnosed four years ago with colon cancer. The loss of such a talented and caring person was felt around the world.

Many of his fans were shocked by the news, as they had been unaware the beloved actor was ill. 

Boseman played several gripping roles, but my favorite was “Black Panther” from the Marvel series. 

But rather than focusing on the negative part of this tragic news, I believe there is much that can be learned from how Boseman lived. 

Don’t judge

I was reminded that we never know what others are going through. We all have struggles we must face. Some choose to share their struggles publicly or with friends and loved ones, while others choose to deal with it privately. This is a personal choice. All that is required of us is to treat others with the respect we wish to receive. 

As someone with an invisible condition, sickle cell disease, I may not always choose to disclose my health condition to others. However, I would hope that people would treat me with kindness regardless.

Don’t let anything stop you

A statement from Boseman’s family noted that while the actor was being treated for colon cancer, he had continued to work hard, if not harder than ever, at his craft, starring in a number of films. This detail moved me, and it highlighted that we shouldn’t let anything stop us from achieving our dreams. Boseman devoted everything to his passion, despite the health challenges he faced. He achieved so many great things and left a remarkable legacy.

He set an excellent example for everyone, but especially those in the disabled community. He showed us that we can achieve so much despite our circumstances. His life is a much-needed reminder that we must continue to pursue the things that bring us the most joy.

Boseman didn’t let cancer stop him from fulfilling his life’s purpose, and I pray that in this life, whatever obstacles we may face, we won’t be prevented from becoming who we are meant to be, either.

Thank you, Chadwick Boseman, for setting such an example.


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