Sickle Unshackled — Sylvia Amuta

banner for Sylvia Amuta's column "Sickle Unshackled," depicting a graphic rendering of the author, who has long dark hair and is wearing a white collared shirt. chains stretch across the banner, with one broken in the middle, against a background with different shades of green.

Sylvia Amuta, a physician with nearly a decade of experience and a master’s degree in public health, resides in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a carer for her sickle cell disease-afflicted young cousin. Sylvia is active in the public health community and is passionate about sickle cell disease awareness campaigns because she has family members with the condition. In her leisure time, she enjoys writing, cooking, and working out. She is thrilled to be a member of the BioNews community, this site’s publisher, and believes that her column, “Sickle Unshackled,” will help to gradually dispel any stigma associated with the condition.