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    Michael Quadri

    Do you think they act in your best interests? Do you take their advice with a pinch of salt and look for a second opinion?

    viviane salzman

    Hi Micheal,
    To answer your question, I trust people to a degree but I always want the final say to be my decision – this is not just with my health, rather in every aspect of my life.
    For example, I have a hematologist I like deeply, I know he cares but this does not stop me from questioning every decision making. I take doctors’ advice to a degree. I know my body more than anyone else, so I do not do or trust everything they recommend. If I have to look for a third opinion I will.
    In some, doctors are not God. They do not know it all. I do not like a paternalistic approach for my health care. I believe that patients should be proactive, be educated about their conditions and be involved.

    Stay blessed,



    In my opinion, more medical staff can be favorable, however, I have had a few undesirable encounters. I listen to the details when the plan of care is explained to me when I am in the emergency department. If I know that a different approach has been favorable for me, I say so. (remember you are paying the doctor/nurse) For example, an x-ray was ordered and the department came to get me prior to the nurse administering the pain meds. The IV had been placed, I decline to leave the room and the nurse provided my care and then I receive the x-ray. Just advocate for your needs. (One time the covering nurse for me wanted to see what I looked like (my age) and said I was a unicorn and left without treating me.) Unbelievable! And last, I have recognized that more and more emergency physicians want to discharge SCD patients without getting the pain under control and do not offer a prescription for pain meds due to their protocol. Also, physicians now are not trying to identify why the pain crisis occurred. That helps us to do better with our care. Advocate for yourselves! 🙂

    Tito Oye

    @viviane141 I love your response, what you said is so true, the doctors do not know it all. They give us their educated opinion however it may not always be right!

    Who do you tend to go to for other opinions?

    Tito Oye

    @enorris It is soooo good to understand every aspect of your own care plan! That way, if mistakes are ever made (which is natural – we’re all human) we may be able to catch them out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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