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    Tito Oye

    Have you had to buy any additional equipment for your home to help you manage sickle cell?

    If so, what did you purchase and how has it helped you?


    I currently use oxygen. I have an oxygen concentrator and portable tanks. I am trading in the portable tanks for a portable concentrator.

    Kassem Banawer

    Nop, i have nothing just my usual procedure


    #tracey ~ I have an oxygen concentrator also. My physician just ordered C-Pap, too. Different day…has nothing to do with SCD, I don’t think. I do use the oxygen when I fly, and had started using it at home too.
    Tito, purchased the concentrator out of pocket, very pricey, in my opinion. Repairs are pricey, too.
    If anyone knows about insurance that will cover equipment, please share that info.. Thanks

    Tito Oye

    @enorris & @noyalt do you notice the effect that these pieces of equipment have on your health, and would you recommend them?


    I have a great appreciation for the oxygen concentrator, especially when I fly. A pain crisis begins as the aircraft starts to descend and the oxygen helps me a lot. I started using the oxygen in the evening/night as I slept to bring me out of a crisis. It has to do with the level of oxygen saturation in my lungs and aids in decreasing shortness of breath (even when 02 stats are WNL). My physician ordered a C-pap device recently and I am using it at night also with my oxygen concentrator. I recommend bringing these ideas to your physician’s attention to assist in starting a regimen for sustaining pain free times. The recent storms (changes in atmospheric pressures) have affected me with a low grade pain crisis since February 9, 2021. My physician also increased the Hydroxyurea an additional 500mg for me.
    Also, I had my second dose of Moderna, March 14. I am doing well (for a soon to be 68y). I thank my Lord and Savior!
    Thanks for asking Tito!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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