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    Steve M

    Hi everyone, I hope everybody is doing well with this covid-19 around and I want to ask if any of you have any vision problems??? I just found out in my last visit to the hospital 4 weeks ago that my eyes have some weird spots in the Iris my left eye has 3 and my right eye has 2 they do not have same shape all look different but same white/gray color imagine the shape of a ghosts or if you put a blanket over you that’s how they look like my Hematologist said it’s BC of my SCD condition and send me to an eye doctor ASAP I’m waiting on the appointment.

    My vision has gone blurry I do not have any headaches or anything like that so didn’t even know until my last crisis cause I ended up hospitalized. If anyone has had this symptoms before or knows anything about vision problems regarding SCD I’ll appreciate any information.

    Thank you and stay safe

    Kisha T.

    Hello, I haven’t had vision problems or headaches not associated with my eyes at least I don’t think. But I have had to have both of my eyes lasered. The reason is because I had what I think was hemorrhaging of the eyes due to sickle cell. I hope that this answer helps you.

    Steve M

    Thank you Kisha T. I’ll look in to it.

    Kassem Banawer

    hello everyone

    I just want to say i don’t have problems with vision thanks god but only i faced some problems with Dizziness, the doctor said this is because of <b>hydroxyurea medicine </b>which makes the blood flow little heavy and the oxygen some times little late to reach the brain so maybe makes this dizziness, with respect to you i think This is possible because of SCD in this case we need for experts doctors to answer this possibilities. <b> </b>

    Tito Oye

    Vision problems are something that I am only recently starting to experience myself. I have quite a few visual/retinal migraines that can cause me to lose vision completely in my eyes for a brief moment of time.

    I have been seen by specialist eye doctors and I am waiting for my follow up appointments just so we can get a better understanding and know if it is sickle cell related.

    Have you been able to attend an appointment yet Steve?

    Steve M

    Hi Tito I have an appointment on October 19th hopefully won’t be nothing serious I’m scared of what can it be but I’m a warrior and a survivor so whatever it is I’ll fight it.

    I’ll let you guys know what the Doctor says


    I do have issues with my vision. I am followed by two ophthalmologists, retinal and cornea. I had a floater that caused blindness in my right eye and my vitreous was removed 2019. That may be common in the elderly who do not have SCD. I had a corneal transplant and cataract removal in my left eye and waiting for the same in my left eye. The corneal transplant was secondary to SCD. That was done because I have Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy. It is hereditary. I am followed also for the risk of retinal detachment which is associated with SCD. After surgery healing is very slow with regards to my vision returning to baseline. I hope this sheds light on vision concerns and the discussion. Take care!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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