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    Michael Quadri

    What is your favourite pass time while you have been admitted to the hospital?

    Do you have any books, TV shows, video games or anything that you like to do to help you pass time and keep you entertained?



    Valerie Bailey

    Mostly I sleep hoping the time will pass quickly and I will soon be better. But, I do enjoy company. My husband stays by my side when I am in the hospital even on that uncomfortable sleeper chair. We talk and it’s good to know he’s there. He prefers it too because he doesn’t have to be away worried. He’s retired now so it’s easier but he also did it when he was working. We consider ourselves partners. The hospital doesn’t have it now but when I was younger the cancer wars had a portable TV and DVD player. They would bring around movies and you could reserve it for overnight. I really enjoyed planning a movie night with popcorn. It was helpful for when my children were small. It gave us all the feeling of home even for a few hours. We would also plan pizza nights on Saturdays and Sunday picnics where family would camp out in my room after church and eat a chicken dinner from KFC or Bojangles. Even if I didn’t eat much it was great to have family around me and to be made apart of what is our regular routine when I am home. It gave me motivation and inspiration to get better more quickly. I am thankful for those days.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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