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    Michael Quadri

    I would work in a safari park.

    If fortunate enough I would take 2 years to volunteer at a wild life safari and focus on working with wild cats. I have always found wild cats especially lions fascinating and have watched many different rangers such as Kevin Richardson and co.

    It would be a dream to raise up a lion cub for a while just to say I have done it aha



    Here are some cool video of Kevin and his lions

    GoPro Liions

    Lion Man Kevin Richardson

    The Lion Whispher 



    I would work as a cartoonist for a local newspaper. I wouldn’t bother about schooling but focus on working full-time as a cartoonist. I look up to Walt Disney, even though he had a tough time before he prospered, but I believe that with money not an issue, I would have nothing to worry about.

    Helena Robinson

    I would start a craft store/artist space. I love making things and would like to one day create a space for others do to the same.

    Tito Oye

    That’s amazing Eniola! I am always in awe of people who can draw…I can’t draw to save my life 😅

    Do you have an online portfolio where we could see your work?

    Tito Oye

    I love this answer Helena!

    What do you like to make? Do you sell anything online?

    Helena Robinson

    I call myself a crafter I guess, lol. I really like to make all types of things. I mainly make and sell jewellery online, http://www.artofsole.com,  however, I have recently started reupholstering furniture and would like to make small pieces like foot stools, deco pillows, mirrors, etc.


    If money wasn’t an issue I would vacation in the Amalfi Coast with my husband.

    Tito Oye

    Wow that’s amazing Helena!
    The link unfortunately did not work could you please send it over again. I would love to see your work

    Michael Quadri

    Amalfi Coast is beautiful, that is honestly a great shout. If I had to travel anywhere it would definitely be the Maldives it has been a dream of mine for longer than I can remember.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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