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    I was 15 when I first noticed that some foods causes me to go into crisis more often than usual. So I read more on nutrition management and foods that could make me go a long time with out crisis. currently The longest I have stayed without crisis is 7 months not much but better than once every month.

    Ethan Clement

    Do you have a list of foods which you have found to be beneficial to reducing/preventing crisis? Thanks Ethan


    Well nutrition is not a one size fit all so you should find what works for you, but for me I stopped ice cream and carbonated drinks.. I make my own drinks from hibiscus flower or smoothies from fruits, for what I eat, I take the usual rice, spaghetti, beans, potatoes etc .. But with more vegetables(Greenleaf vegetables, cabbages etc).. Just eat healthy and you may reduce the amount of time you get crisis

    Ethan Clement

    OK, thanks. My wife and I are trying to help our teenage son battle Sickle Cell. Teenagers are teenagers and don’t always eat and drink healthy things!


    No I don’t agree teenagers will be teenagers, if y’all start eating healthier at home, and not restricting healthy eating to only your son it will be seen less like a punishment. Lead by example. If you are unsure of how to plan a meal am here you can contact me on Instagram @rukki_godwin

    Tito Oye

    Thank you for sharing your experiences! There is definitely a link between nutrition and our health. I follow a nutritionist on Instagram who has a son with sickle cell and I know she will be releasing very relevant content soon –

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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