Oluwatosin Adesoye, Medical Doctor —

Adesoye Oluwatosin is a practicing physician, a passionate and award-winning sickle cell advocate, and educator. She's the founder of Sickle Cell Celebs, an online community for people living with sickle cell disease, and of Sicklelive Foundation, an NGO that caters to people living with sickle cell disease. She's a Nigerian diagnosed with sickle cell anemia (HBSS) in 1987 when she was just 1 year old. She enjoys using her personal and medical experience to educate and create awareness about sickle cell disease and also help reduce health inequalities in its management. She's called "The Sickle Cell Crusader." Her column promises to be expository, educative, and compelling.

Articles by Oluwatosin Adesoye

Preventing and managing a sickle cell pain crisis during Christmas

Christmas has grown beyond its origins as a Christian celebration of Jesus’ birth. It now unites communities and fosters a sense of togetherness across cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and geographical locations. The unique culture of Christmas, with its twinkling lights, festive decorations, and colorful trees adorned with ornaments, along with…

How to be a better caregiver for sickle cell patients

Caregivers for people living with sickle cell disease provide physical, emotional, and sometimes financial support. They can be parents, siblings, spouses, friends, children, and extended family. I think healthcare professionals can be caregivers, as well. Their role is crucial to the overall health of anyone with sickle cell.

Understanding the diverse nature of sickle cell pain crises

The nature of sickle cell pain crises is often misunderstood due to inadequate knowledge and research. This limited understanding extends even to healthcare professionals. It’s crucial to recognize that many common assumptions about crises — including their onset, duration, location, character, severity, and ending — are inaccurate. Drawing from…