Oluwatosin Adesoye, Medical Doctor —

Adesoye Oluwatosin is a practicing physician, a passionate and award-winning sickle cell advocate, and educator. She's the founder of Sickle Cell Celebs, an online community for people living with sickle cell disease, and of Sicklelive Foundation, an NGO that caters to people living with sickle cell disease. She's a Nigerian diagnosed with sickle cell anemia (HBSS) in 1987 when she was just 1 year old. She enjoys using her personal and medical experience to educate and create awareness about sickle cell disease and also help reduce health inequalities in its management. She's called "The Sickle Cell Crusader." Her column promises to be expository, educative, and compelling.

Articles by Oluwatosin Adesoye

How emotions can trigger a sickle cell crisis for me

It took me a while to realize that intense emotions can lead me to a sickle cell crisis. Most of my health professionals never mentioned it when educating me about crisis triggers. From what I’ve learned as a physician, emotional triggers aren’t researched or documented enough. Hence, the…

Understanding the evolution of my sickle cell pain

From my experience, pain is one of the hallmark symptoms of sickle cell disease. In fact, it is its trademark. Unsurprisingly, the translation of sickle cell disease in my Yoruba language is “aro’moleegun,” which denotes “bone pain.” If you have moderate to severe sickle cell disease, pain is…