Why It’s Important for Everyone to Prioritize Their Health

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It’s easier said than done. Everyone always says that health should be a person’s No. 1 priority, but it’s not until push comes to shove that we understand the truth of this.

I recently realized that my health was not as much of a priority as I was making it out to be. My health was suffering due to various stressors, and I knew something had to change. Stress is the biggest trigger of sickle cell crises for me.

I admit that I was hesitant about changing my behaviors to improve my health. I tried to make small, gradual changes to my lifestyle, but they were not enough to have any positive effects on my body. I still experienced really bad sickle cell crises, so I had to take a more drastic approach and change my unhealthy routines.

I think comparison had a lot to do with my hesitation. I would look at my peers and think, “They handle so much and make it look easy. I should be able to do the same.” But I need to remember that my worth does not lie in my productivity — doing more or less does not affect my value as a human being. I have an ideal plan for my life, but if I need to change or delay my plan for the benefit of my health, I should do so without hesitation.

I truly believe that once our health is our main priority, things will start to fall into place in alignment with that priority. We will not settle for less, we will not need to compromise.

Why is it important for everyone to prioritize their health?


“You only live once,” and you only get one body in this lifetime. The actions we take on a day-to-day basis affect our body either positively or negatively. We need to make sure that we are taking the best care of our body as we go through this journey called life, to ensure we are as equipped as possible to deal with whatever may come our way.

It has a positive impact on others

You cannot pour from an empty cup. I love helping others, but I am unable to do so if I don’t feel well enough. If I do not look after my body, it will eventually give out, mentally or physically. I need to make sure that I am well enough to continue doing what I am passionate about.

Think seriously about what you would give up or change in the name of maintaining good health. If you find that you are already compromising the quality of your health, please consider making changes now to avoid more drastic changes in the future.

You can make your health more of a priority by adopting healthier habits. This week, I challenge you to pick up an apple instead of that chocolate bar, don’t skip out on your workout, and schedule in some fun!


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