Sylvia Amuta, Sickle Cell Columnist —

Sylvia Amuta, a physician with nearly a decade of experience and a master's degree in public health, resides in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a carer for her sickle cell disease-afflicted young cousin. Sylvia is active in the public health community and is passionate about sickle cell disease awareness campaigns because she has family members with the condition. In her leisure time, she enjoys writing, cooking, and working out. She is thrilled to be a member of this site's company community — BioNews — and believes that her column, "Sickle Unshackled," will help to gradually dispel any stigma associated with the condition.

Articles by Sylvia Amuta

Why keeping a diary of your symptoms can be beneficial

Pain episodes brought on by sickle cell disease may come on suddenly and vary greatly from patient to patient. The ability of children and adolescents to chronicle and communicate their painful experiences may be facilitated by the use of diaries. I cannot stress enough how important it is for…