We Go Through Life at Our Own Pace

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I hate when sickle cell disease gets in the way of life, although I feel its effects 24/7. There is no escaping the symptoms, such as fatigue and chronic pain, which are less intermittent than the pain crises. But most times I can live with it, I can manage it, and I know how to work around it.

However, once in a while my sickle cell symptoms are far too great to ignore, and I have to put my plans on hold to give my body all the time and undivided attention it needs.

It becomes very frustrating at times. When I have to put my plans on pause and can’t complete what I set out to do, it almost feels as if I am not living to my full potential. In fact, I feel slightly jealous when I see others easily doing the things I want to do.

Having a chronic illness means accepting that our body has limits and may be unable to handle certain things, which I find very difficult. Life tends to be fast-paced. We are told we need to work hard and push ourselves for the things we want, but in my case, this isn’t always possible.

I must accept that my body works differently than the bodies of those around me, and I need to act with my best interests at heart, which means not always following the crowd.

I need to remember that even if I achieve everything I work hard for, it won’t be rewarding if I neglect my health in the process. I do not want to compromise my health for anything. It must always come first!

I try to remind myself that there is no right way to go through life. There is no golden example to emulate. I just have to do the best I can, and things will eventually fall into place. I need to stop getting distracted by other people’s journeys and focus on my own.

We go through life at our own pace. Whatever that pace may be, we are still taking steps forward and should be proud of how far we have come.

Do you ever feel pressured to do more than you can handle? Do you ever compare yourself to a healthier version of yourself? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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My name is Hanan I’m SCA from Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. & I teared a bit reading what you wrote cause I’m having the same struggle... I’m going through new sickling crisis and having a hard time keeping up with my start up business needs.. thank you!! you made me feel less anxious about everything I’m struggling to achieve. I realize now that I need to prioritize my health . And accept the limitations of my capabilities.


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