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    Michael Quadri

    There are endless sayings that emphasize the healing powers of time, but does time really solve everything?

    I have a friend with sickle who was recently told that she is no longer able to have a stem cell transplant that was promised to her. Her dreams of a life free from sickle cell were taken away from her in an instant and she has had to come to terms with the harsh reality of dealing with sickle cell.

    In an attempt to comfort her, I too found myself saying that “time will heal”, but I now question that phrase.

    I know that eventually, she will be able to move on from this upset, however, just because time has passed does not mean she doesn’t hurt.

    What are your thoughts on the phrase?

    Leola Conley

    In my opinion not. I am a parent of a 22 year old who has SS. I feel that there are just some things that time cannot heal.  You learn to adapt, accept, and get through it.  But in your friend’s case I am sure there  will always be some hurt that she/he  can no longer get a stem cell transplant. She or he were so looking forward to beginning a life free from pain and unexpected hospitalizations, doctor visits, restricted activities, etc. As the song goes, I Can Only Imagine.

    Michael Quadri

    Yes, I completely agree. My friends have learnt to adapt from their experiences. They have acknowledged what they can do and tailor their behaviours around this. Their journeys are a continually learning curve. But sometimes in the case where you have an expectation for change and it doesn’t happen, it can be quite hurtful and I have seen this first hand. But she has a great network around her and that is the most important thing in times like this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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