New editions of books about sickle cell now available

The series 'Hope & Destiny' aims to equip readers with up-to-date information about SCD

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HPC International has released new editions of Hope & Destiny, a book series that aims to help people with sickle cell disease (SCD) navigate life with the disorder.

“We’re excited to get the new Hope & Destiny editions into the hands of the patients who need them, furthering our goal to eliminate health disparities through education and cost-effective access to trustworthy information,” Hilton M. Hudson, MD, CEO of HPC International, said in a press release.

SCD is a genetic disorder caused by mutations in a gene that provides instructions for making a part of hemoglobin, the protein that red blood cells use to carry oxygen through the bloodstream. These mutations result in the production of an abnormal form of hemoglobin that forms clumps inside red blood cells, deforming them into the sickle-like shape that gives the disease its name.

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The deformed red blood cells are destroyed more quickly than healthy cells, leading to symptoms like anemia. Sickled red blood cells also can’t move as easily through the bloodstream, and are prone to stick to each other and obstruct blood vessels, which in turn can lead to painful vaso-occlusive crises.

The Hope & Destiny series aims to equip readers with up-to-date information about the disease, including available treatments, strategies for pain management, and developmental challenges. The series is written by a team of healthcare professionals with expertise in sickle cell, and it also includes insights from patients about living with the disease.

Earlier this year, HPC unveiled the sixth edition of Hope & Destiny: The Adult Patient and Parent’s Guide to Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait, which is written for adult readers.

The company also released the third edition of a version of the book written for younger readers, called Hope & Destiny Jr.: The Adolescent’s Guide to Sickle Cell Disease. A third edition of an accompanying workbook, Hope & Destiny Jr. Learning Guide & Workbook, is currently available for pre-order and is expected to be released later this month.

More books for patients, providers

HPC creates a range of educational materials, which are mostly sold to healthcare providers to be distributed to patients. Earlier this year the company released a new app called Pinpoint that is intended to help people with sickle cell to manage pain better.

“HPC International’s vast majority of in-house published books and educational resources are sold to healthcare organizations, which can distribute them directly to patients for free,” Hudson said.