These Apps Help Me Manage Sickle Cell

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by Tito Oye |

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The manner in which technological advances have changed the way we live is nothing short of amazing. So many free applications exist to help us with every aspect of life, from shopping to studying, and from cooking to entertainment. If we can use apps for all of this and more, why don’t we use them to help manage our health?

Here are some of the apps I use that have been extremely useful:

Waterlogged. It is recommended that we drink approximately 2 to 4 liters of water a day to stay properly hydrated. Ensuring that we are well-hydrated ultimately promotes better blood flow and reduces the chance of a sickle cell crisis. As beneficial as drinking a lot of water is, it can quickly turn into a chore, and remembering how much water you have had, or just remembering to drink water at all, can be difficult.

Waterlogged allows me to set constant reminders on my phone to drink water throughout the day. The app also allows me to set the total amount of water I plan to drink daily and tailors my notifications to help me achieve the goal.

Flaredown. This app helps me track how I have been feeling. I can enter information about my condition and all the symptoms I experience. Every day, I rate how each symptom affects me and list the treatments I use in response. This allows me to see a pattern with the sickle cell flare-ups I experience. It also helps me to be more aware of the things that may trigger a crisis, which I then can avoid. It helps with doctors’ appointments, too, as I can give a more accurate report about how I have been feeling and am less likely to forget things I want to mention.

Calm. Sickle cell causes me a lot of stress, which is ironic, as stress is one of the biggest triggers of a sickle cell crisis. It’s a pretty unfortunate cycle. Consequently, to help me with this, I downloaded the Calm app. This app has helped me in the past when I experienced a crisis and struggled to rest. I can use it to play calming music or stories to help me fall asleep, or to do breathing exercises and meditation, which help me to reduce the stress I feel each day.

Toon Blast. I think everyone has a game on their phone that they use as a distraction to pass the time. I find that when I am in pain, I frequently play games on my phone. My current favorite is Toon Blast. The game keeps my mind busy, and my focus is shifted from the pain that sickle cell causes.

What are some of the apps you use to help manage your health? Please share in the comments below. 


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Hi Tito, I agree with your post technology should be used more often to help with monitoring sickle cell crisis. I’m in healthcare and want to do more research on Apps that help SCD. Loved your post!

Tito Oye avatar

Tito Oye

Hi Jackie,

Please do share if you come across any apps you find to be useful.
I'm so happy you like the post ❤️

Anthony Kanu avatar

Anthony Kanu

hello Tito,
this is the first time I have come across this website. I and my family suffer from sickle cell disease. I have check out the sickle cell app and the only one that’s useful is the flare down app because it allows the patient to look at their crisis flare-ups.
I feel that a lot of people that don’t have the disease are the ones telling or showing us what to do with our sickness and what's best for us. So because of this, I came up with an app idea which I am still looking for some support to develop this app. Is called sickle net. The main purpose of Sickle Net is for the sickle cell patient to share experiences and support. This would also help promote awareness for sickle cell patients. The app would bring the sickle cell community together and provide life experience support for the younger generation. SickleNet would also provide medication support, such as a one-click prescription. SickleNet would also provide a chat room for you and your doctors/ sickle cell Partitions nurses.

Tito Oye avatar

Tito Oye

That sounds amazing Anthony! Can't wait to use it once it's been made!!! 🙌🏾

Onyemowo avatar


Well done....I just came across this, I don't use any app but I'm sure to look into this. Thank you. I'm about to work on a project if you will like to be a part of let me know.


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