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    Tito Oye

    I don’t have the best diet in the world but I’m making small changes to gradually improve it as there is an undeniable link between my health and the nutrition I give my body. 

    In the kind of person who could survive on one meal a day (normally dinner) and replace other meals with snacks…yikes.

    I’m trying to get into the habit of eating more healthily & frequently throughout the day.

    How many meals do you eat a day?

    Steve M

    Oh this is a good one.
    I use to be fine before I use to eat well 3 or more times a day but now I can eat one meal (lunch) and call it a day

    morning= coffee

    lunch= meal

    dinner= coffee

    terrible my fam gets concern why I’m not eating if I’m not in pain or anything but I’m just not hungry and there is one more thing that affects my food intake it is the fluids (water) I believe since I’m always drinking water to stay hydrated I’m always full and I do not get hungry.

    sometimes what I try to do is eat less at lunch so I can be hungry for dinner and I eat a lol but then but that it.

    Not mention when I’m with a really bad episode and I’m in the hospital I do not eat at all I’ve been up to 6 days without eating absolutely nothing at all. A sign that I star getting better from the crisis is when I start eating that’s when start feeling pain relief little by little.


    Kassem Banawer

    Usually 3 meals per day as follow:

    breakfast = light

    lunch = heavy

    dinner = light

    healthy food is the best way to healthy body

    Michael Quadri

    I usually have 2 meals a day and rarely have breakfast but I am trying to have my meals more consistently.

    The reason for the irregularities was because I tend to intermittent fast but due to the pandemic, I have tried to go back to a regular eating pattern for now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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