A Frightening Illness Has Resulted in a Lengthy Hospitalization

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It’s been several weeks since my last column, because I was unfortunately hospitalized at the beginning of February. I was hoping to have been discharged by now, but sadly I’m still here.

Last month, I contracted an infection that resulted in some horrible symptoms. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that some of the symptoms I experienced are usually associated with the end of life. It was terribly unpleasant.

The infection also caused extreme fatigue and dehydration, which led to a sickle cell crisis. At that point, I came to the hospital for medical intervention to help my body fight the infection and crisis simultaneously.

In the beginning, I wasn’t worried. I thought I’d feel a little run-down, and then it would pass. But the infection symptoms immediately made me feel awful. I don’t remember ever having an infection that caused me to feel so sick so quickly. By the second and third days, I not only felt significantly worse, but I developed additional symptoms that alarmed me due to their association with the final stages of life.

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In retrospect, it probably sounds ridiculous because I hadn’t been diagnosed with a terminal illness. But I’ve had many bouts of illness — including a pulmonary embolism, multiple ICU admissions, acute chest syndrome, and requiring a CPAP ventilator to breathe — and none have made me feel the way I did a few weeks ago. This time, it felt like my body was shutting down.

I was extremely weak and fatigued. Basic tasks became onerous for me. Even changing my position in bed was difficult. I couldn’t speak, and I was quite confused. I had zero appetite and struggled to even sip water. These issues exacerbated my fears about what was happening to me.

Since I couldn’t eat or drink for days, I guess a sickle cell crisis was inevitable. Dehydration is a major trigger, and I was severely dehydrated. I was violently vomiting, so taking any kind of oral NSAID or opioid for pain relief wasn’t an option.

I was already stuck in bed at home due to fatigue, but because I couldn’t mitigate the crisis pain with medications or fluids, I simply continued to suffer. By the third day of this, I physically couldn’t take it anymore. Realizing I was only getting worse, I sought medical intervention.

Coming to the hospital was a tough decision for me, as I was seriously worried about COVID-19. Ultimately, the first responders I contacted strongly advised me to go with them via ambulance to the hospital. I’ve now been here for about four weeks.

My treatment has consisted of two courses of antibiotics, a top-up blood transfusion, IV fluids, a blood exchange, and various pain medications. I’ve now beaten the infection, but I remain in crisis. My pain level seems to be stuck at a seven or eight out of 10. Hopefully, I will beat the crisis soon and be able to go home.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

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Marshall Jones

I pray you get better soon!

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K Patel

Days back, my daughter had undergone a similar crisis. She is back home and joined her college. She is in teaching profession. I pray for your speedy recovery! I am sure you shall be back to a normal life soon!


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